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21 May 2018

Sylvaneth Alarielle the Everqueen

The final part of the final model of my Sylvaneth army... Alarielle the Everqueen herself!

This model was a paint to paint!! I prepared the model by building into appropriate subassemblies before painting.

I won't describe each paint used as I essentially followed the colour scheme described in the WarhammerTV video below.

The main difference between the WarhammerTV guide and how I painted Alarielle was that I used the airbrush to highlight the dress (both inside and outside!), the transition to the leaves on the dress and the wings. I also painted the 3 blades of her staff in the same manner as I painted the weapon blades for my other Slyvaneth units - Baharroth Blue airbrushed over White Scar.

Here is a photo of Alarielle at Warhammer World! She looked awesome on the table and did me proud!!

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