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27 January 2020

Blood Angels Smash Captain

Next post on the hobby catch up is my Blood Angels smash captain. Based on the Blood Angels Death Watch model I changed a few bits and painted him gold! 

This fella was great fun to convert and paint... and has been absolutely incredible on the table top!

20 January 2020

Blood Angels Sanguinor

Next up, the Sanguinor! This model provided a good chance to practice gold metallics. I'm not a huge fan of the model itself (finecast!) but I'm content with how the model came out.

Again, not covering the technique as I cant remember... so just some pictures.

19 January 2020

LeMartes and Chief Librarian Mephiston

Let's get this blog caught up! 

Returning to my 2018/2019 Blood Angels project, I was lucky enough to receive Mephiston and LeMartes as Christmas present from my in-laws... so bashed them out quickly. 

I can't remember the process/schemes I used so will just leave the photos below. 

18 January 2020

Moving House and New Hobby Room!

So the blog has been dormant for much of 2019, mainly due, to moving house and starting a new job.
This post shows off the new room... from moving in on the 1st April 2019 through to final setup.