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27 June 2016

Who Dares Wins, Rodney!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered some Tempestus Scion heads for use on the Land Speeder Storm model I am currently building. These arrived this afternoon so this post covers what they look like 'in situ'. I haven't yet completed removing all of flash and mould lines so please excuse the messy plastic work in these close up photos. I hope you agree that they look pretty awesome and really do add to the aesthetic I'm trying to achieve with unit/model.

20 June 2016

Work In Progress: Land Speeder Storm

Todays post covers another current 'work in progress'. This Land Speeder Storm model was my purchase from GW Barcelona store (link to my original post about visiting GW Barcelona here) a couple of years ago. I always wanted to pick up one of these so when faced with choosing something buy from the Barcelona store which wasnt too expensive and could easily be transported home, this was my choice.

So far, as you can see, the model is fully built aside from heads on the Scouts. Why is this you may ask? Well, the traditional GW scout heads look rather rubbish (in my opinion) and after spotting a scout model with an Tempestus Scion 'Beret' Head used (photo below) I knew that was the way I wanted to go. I think the head with Beret gives each scout a realistic military, Second World War S.A.S. vibe, which suits the Land Speeder Storm unit brilliantly.

Trying to push this a little further, I added as many little extra bitz/details onto the hull of the Land Speeder as I could. My goal is to recreate a 40k equivalent to the famous SAS Land Rover as seen below.

Carry on, what what....

13 June 2016

Learning 7th & Getting a Spanking!

Before venturing out to the local club, or hosting games at my flat, I need to know the rules a bit better! Thanks to a very accommodating Fiancée I have recently been able to test out my knowledge on her. For this battle I played as Chaos space Marines using the models from Dark Vengeance, whereas my other half played Space Marines; a Terminator Squad and Captain in Terminator armour from my 'Light Knights' Space Marine army.

As you can see in the pictures, we used the X-Wing star field mat as the gaming surface and enhanced the battlefield with a couple of DVDs and candle holders as scenery. 

Obviously she gave me a spanking (tabling me in 3 turns) but it was great to run a small skirmish game and embed some of the basic rules around shooting and combat. Next I will re-run a similar size game but bring in some vehicles/psykers in order to expand my familiarity with those units/phases of the game.

Her Legion Praetor (aka Terminator Captain) wiping out a brave band of Chaos Cultist.

Me, deep in concentration, checking the rules!

My final Chosen model, surrounded. He didn't last very long...

10 June 2016

Space Marine Librarian

Today I'm happy to present a finished Space Marine Librarian.

The early promise that this model would turn out to be my best didn't quite pan out. I'm still happy with the end result; I just didn't quite nail it.

6 June 2016

Work In Progress: Space Marine Librarian

Today it's time for a 'WIP' post covering my Librarian. This guy is shaping up to be the model I have painted to the highest standard yet. I initially base coated with Macragge Blue with my airbrush and worked on each base coat before applying careful washes of Agrax Earth Shade, Nuln Oil and Reikland Fleshshade to each element. I am most pleased with the detail on the staff. The swirly line is probably the finest detail I have attempted to paint yet and so far it looks great! 

I will continue to work on this model during the week and aim to have completed the paint job by the weekend.

3 June 2016

Space Marine Legion Praetor

I purchased the Legion Praetor models a couple of years back with a view to painting them up and using them in my 40k Space Marine army (mainly because they are stunning models!). As I'm coming towards the end of painting up units for my Space Marine army, I can focus on more of the independent character models I haven't completed and first up has been this guy. 

I'll use him as a HQ Terminator Captain in my army and want to acknowledge that the unit is from 30k, reflect this age of this amour and in doing so test out some weathering techniques. I have been a big fan of the Advent Calendar painting tutorial videos that GW posted on YouTube in December 2015 (if you haven't seen them; check them out here!) so I decided to follow the tips from the 'Chipping and Scratches' video to add a worn/battered look to the armour. The principle is quite basic and therefore straightforward; Using Rhinox Hide one paints narrow lines randomly across the armour, these were then follow this up with a highlight of Fensirian Grey underneath the Rhinox Hide lines. I don't feel like I applied enough of these lines to 'nail' the look but I'm generally happy with how the effect looks. On future miniatures I will focus on the application of the effect rather than worrying whether the effect looks suitable or not.