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23 July 2018

Azyrite Ruins

This week its back to scenery for my AoS woodland board in the form of some Azyrite Ruins.

I wanted to experiment with mounting the Ruins pieces into a base so I could add details such as a textured floor. So, to begin with, I arranged the ruins into 2 sets and glued them to some MDF.

Next, I rolled patches of DAS air-drying modelling clay onto the MDF and used the Temple texture roller from Greenstuff World. The DAS adhered to the MDF with PVA - which turned out to be a mistake as it contributed to the MDF warping.

Once the DAS clay had dried, I mixed up some texture paint from sand, PVA and polyfiller. This was then applied to the bases, taking care not to cover the template floor areas. I then primed the plastic ruins and the temple floor.

To paint the ruins I used the colour scheme detailed in the below WHTV video. The template floor sections were painted Rakarth Flesh > Pallid Wych Flesh > White Scar. In preparation for flocking, the earth parts of the base were painted with Hobbycraft dark brown paint.

And for the flocking, I essentially followed the below video from Lukes APS.

And this is how they turned out! To finish off the pieces I added some aquatic foliage with a hot glue gun and a couple of pieces of twig, glued down with PVA.

And these are the pieces on the board. I'm reasonably happy with how they turned out. I'm a bit annoyed with how much the MDF warped as a result of the PVA glue contracting. Since making these pieces I have switched over to using Extruded Polystyrene as this doesn't warp. It's much more expensive but, in my opinion, that's a worthy trade-off.

Next up I'll be working on Sprinewrack Talons!

16 July 2018

Imperial Knight Re-basing

A few months back I managed to accidentally separate my Imperial Knight from its base!

As I didnt really like the base as it was, I pulled all the texture away from the base and started again... and here we have the final result!

I did a WIP post here which included some more photos.

9 July 2018

Nerd Day 2018 Battlescape

Last year I hosted a gaming weekend for myself and 3 buddies. I posted about that event here.

This year, the event will be held at the end of August and will focus entirely on the fantasy side of the hobby... Blood Bowl, Age of Sigmar & Shadespire. To help us play Age of Sigmar to its full potential, we will need a suitably awesome board to play on!

The board aesthetic will be themed along the lines of a Ghyran (Realm of Life) forest which has remnants of its Nurgle corruption.

I have already purchased the mat. I went for the PWork Wargames Terrain Mat - Woodland. It's a great mat and is the perfect tone I was after! (e.g. not too dark or bright)

To populate the board I will be adding various pieces of terrain and scenery... e.g. fallen trees, Azyrite Ruins, temple columns and Nurgle trees. I will cover each piece in detail when they are complete. For now, here is some early work in progress pictures of the pieces I've started working on.