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29 May 2017

Imperial City Gaming Mat

As part of the preparation for Nerd Day, this bad boy recently arrived.

Picked up from Element Games, its standard battle mat (in that it is effectively a huge mouse mat). The printed design is well detailed, of a muted colour pallete and follows the design of the GW Realm of Battle: Sector Imperialis.

Needless to say, it looks awesome! I can't wait to complete more pieces of terrain over the coming months to place on such a great mat.

22 May 2017

Imperial Bastion

In preparation for 'Nerd Day 2017' (see previous post), I first tackled an update to an Imperial Bastion. This piece of terrain was part of Great Scenery Rescue of 2016 and whilst it was already built and painted by the time it came into my possession, I wanted to test out some weathering techniques.

The model was repainted in Death World Forest with the details being picked out with standar base colours- Leadbelcher, Mephiston Red, Celestra Grey and Zandri Dust. I then applied the decals and sponged on a mix of Chaos Black and Rhinox Hide to simulate wear and tear. After this I sealed the model with gloss varnish. Next up I applied a wash of mixed black/burnt umber oil paint and allowed it to dry for about an hour. At that point, I used white spirit to diffuse the wash. The penultimate step involved the application of a watered down mix of Steel Legion Drab and various weathering powders. This can mainly be observed on the roof deck. Finally I airbrushed black on all the shell marks and applied a coat of satin varnish.

Next up will be some barrels! Fun times.

15 May 2017

This is new...

Warhammer Bath celebrated its 23rd birthday and were giving away freebies alongside purchases. Obviously it would have been rude not to support my local store! 

Whats odd is that I chose a Daemons 'start collecting' box as my purchase. I've always been a supporter of the 'good guys'- being a Space Marine player so this represents my first experimentation with the gods of Chaos.

Not only is this kit compatible with AoS and 40K, but the models are awesome. I'm very much looking forward to experimenting with new colours, schemes and techniques. 

All hail papa Nurgle

8 May 2017

Nerd Day 2017

So, in September 2017 my other half is out of town for the weekend and I have arranged to have 3 friends over for a weekend of war gaming. On the agenda is:

  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Warhammer 40k (8th ed!!!)
  • Shadow War: Armageddon
  • Blood Bowl
  • X-Wing
Needless to say, this is quite an ask for the time available. My aim is to run quick battles of Age of Sigmar and 40K and focus on SWA, Blood Bowl and X-Wing.

I am extremely excited about hosting such a day and in preparation I will spending the next few months preparing a suitably awesome gaming area (40k battle mat already on order!) and completing as many miniatures as possible.

What this means for readers of this blog is that posts will come thick and fast over the coming months! Lets do this!

1 May 2017

Stormcast Eternals: Work In Progress

A quick post covering a work in progress update on the 5 Stormcast Eternals I'm working on. At this point, these models have all been base coated, gloss varnished, shaded with GW gloss washes and then matted down slightly with a satin varnish. Oh, and the decals have been applied!

I'm continuing to follow the gloss varnish/gloss washes approach to shading models. I first tried this on my human Blood Bowl team and went a little over the top with the shade! On these models, I applied less shade and the result is better. so happy days!