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7 May 2018

Citadel Wood - Base

For my Sylvaneth army, I needed some Wyldwoods so I can scoot around the board and provide some bonuses for my treefolk. So... I picked up 3 Citadel woods. These will allow for up to 3 Wyldwoods so should be enough!

As I was getting these ready for my trip to Warhammer World, I descoped painting the trees so this post just covers the painting of the base.

As usual, the model was primed with Vallejo Black Primer with the rocks picked out with Vallejo Grey Primer. Once the primer had cured, the base was painted with a cheap brown HobbyCraft paint.

I then painted the fallen trees and roots with Baneblade Bown and highlighted with Adminitratum Grey which then had some Nurgling Green mixed in.

The rocks were painted Pallid Wych Flesh. Once this had dried I used the Leopard Spot technique to add colour to the rocks. More details on this can be found in the video below.

The whole base was then washed in a homemade black wash made with a cheap black paint and water. I applied 2 coats of this to get the desired shade on the rocks.

Finally, the base was given a coat of watered down PVA

Flocking and other details
Once the painting was concluded I covered the base (except the rocks) with PVA. This provided the base for the static grass and forest floor flock.

The static grass was applied to a few areas of the base. Then, I applied LukesAPS forest floor scatter all over the base. After this, I added a few bits of clump foliage, some flower tufts and finally some fallen leaf debris. Once I was happy with the coverage of these materials, the base was given multiple coats of watered down PVA and some Isopropyl alcohol to seal and protect the model.

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