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28 May 2018

Sepulchral Guard

Before heading up to Warhammer World, I found myself with 2 days clear of any commitments... so I challenged myself to paint up the Sepulchral Guard Warband. I knew there wasn't enough time to paint up 7 models to the highest standard I could achieve, but I felt it was achievable to get them to a good tabletop standard within the time available. To do this I simply base coated and shaded the models- so no highlighting.

 Let's go through the steps...

All the model were undercoated with Vallejo Black Primer followed by a zenithal application of Vallejo Grey Primer from 45 degrees. On top of this I airbrushed the bone Rakarth Flesh > Pallid Wych Flesh > White Scar. 

The silver parts were painted Ledbelcher, whilst the gold was painted Balthazar Gold. For the various leather belts and other such details, I used Dryad Bark, Rhinox Hide and Doombull Brown. The Warden cape was airbrushed Khorne Red/Abaddon Black mix > Khorne Red > Wazdakka Red.

Following the base coats, I applied a coat of gloss Vallejo varnish. Once this had cured overnight I washed the models in a mix of Army Painters Dark Tone/Strong Tone/Wash Mixing Medium. After the wash had dried I weathered the various metal parts of the models: Ryza Rust was applied to the non-ferrous metals and Nihilakh Oxide to the ferrous metals.

To complete the models I painted the base with a mix of Mechanicus Standard Grey, Adminitratum Grey and Abaddon Black. The bases were then dry brushed with Sotek Green.

All in all, I was made up with how the models turned out considering the time spent on them. I always considered myself to a slow painter, and whilst that is certainly still the case, its good to prove to myself that I can turn around a unit quickly whilst maintaining a good standard of the paint job.

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