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22 January 2018

Blood Angels Tactical Combat Squad

Towards the end of 2017, my unit of choice for hobbying whilst away from home has been this Blood Angels combat squad. Work has been busy and progress has been slow but last weekend I finally managed to get enough time at home to sit down and bash through the finishing touches.

I posted my Blood Angels colour scheme here, however, since that post was written I've altered the process. I no longer use oil washes; they're great but just too fiddly (and smelly!)... especially now I'm using the great Army Painter/Matte Medium paint.

In terms of the secondary colours: the Gold is Retributor Armour > Auric Armour Gold > Liberators Gold. The silver is Vallejo Model Colour Gun Metal and highlighted with Stormhost Silver and the black is Vallejo Model Colour Black > Eshin Grey > Dawnstone. The smaller details have been painted with the standard GW colour choices!

For the base, I chose to follow a rather neutral desert (Baal?) colour scheme. I spent a long time deciding how to base my Blood Angel army. I was tempted by a grey urban theme, however, I wanted to retain the Steel Legion Drab colour on the rim so that my Space Marine and Blood Angel armies could work well if I chose to field them together. On the character models and larger bases, I will add more details so they all don't look quite as plain as these guys!

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