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18 October 2016

Final Blood Angels Test Model

Todays post centres on my final Blood Angels test mode which I've been working on this week. My goal was to reach a point where I had tested and documented the main steps in the process I will follow to paint my Blood Angels.

The process steps are detailed below:

  • Airbrush Vallejo black. 
  • Airbrush Vallejo grey (zenithal highlight) 

  • Airbrush GW Air Mephiston Red 
  • Airbrush GW Air Evil Sunz Scarlet (zenithal highlight) 
  • Paint details with GW/Vallejo base paints 
  • Paint base with GW Steel Legion Drab. 
  • Paint lighter areas of base with mix of GW Steel Legion Drab + GW Skull White 
  • Pick out individual details on base with base colours 
  • Apply gloss varnish 
  • Apply decals 
  • Seal decals 

  • Apply brown/black oil wash to model and base 
  • Tidy up shade with white spirit 
  • Apply washes of thinned GW Steel Legion Drab mixed with earth coloured weathering powders to recesses on the base and lower areas of the model 

  • Highlight details on the model 
  • Dry brush base with various earth coloured paints e.g. GW Tallarn Sand 
  • Tidy up base 

  • Vallejo Satin varnish

This process has been formulated from techniques observed on Youtube and from within the ForgeWorld Modelling Masterclass Volume 1 book. The scheme has been designed to combine elements of the Blood Angels livery from both 30K and 40K- hence the gold hand and other areas. Whilst the quality of the model isn't the highest (which wasn't part of my objectives), I feel as though I have sufficiently tested and learned enough about the scheme to move forward with starting on my army. The only tweak I will make is around the base. I didn't water down the GW Steel Legion Drab enough and so the base isn't to the quality I am trying to achieve (I want to get as close to the base on my Contemptor Dreadnought as possible- as it looks awesome!).

Next up I will be starting to work on my Blood Angels units... at last!