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29 January 2018

Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters

Today my post covers a unit of Longbow equipped Kurnoth Hunters. I finished these at the end of last year but it's been a busy start to 2018!

The Sylvaneth list I am preparing is extremely heavy with melee units and the army I will be facing, for my first Age of Sigmar battles, will be Ironjaws… so, also pretty primarily melee focused… bearing this in mind, I chose to equip this unit of Kurnoth Hunters with longbows.

I found the unit a pleasure to build and paint… and I especially love the little critters that accompany the Hunters and carry their ammunition!

Let's go through the paint scheme:

The main ‘bark’ was painted following the Harvestboon grove scheme I've been using thus far. The layers were all applied with the airbrush. Dryad Bark > Gorthor Brown > Baneblade Brown > Ushabti Bone > Screaming Skull. Aside from in the darkest recesses, the Dryad Bark isn’t particularly visible on the model, however, whilst painting a couple of Branchwraiths I chose to follow a different process and skipped the darker colours, going straight in at the Baneblade Brown stage: this was a mistake as it compromised the tone of the Caliban Green which has layered on top… so I reverted back to my original process with these models! The secondary tones of the bark are a 50/50 mix of Ogryn Camo and Screaming Skull whilst the green is Caliban Green.

The recess ‘flesh’ areas of the models were again painted along the same lines as my other Sylvaneth models: Caliban Green and then highlighted up with Warpstone Glow and Moot Green. The leaves were first painted with Moot Green and then glazed with Lamenters Yellow.

The flesh of the little critters was first painted Celetra Grey, then glazed with Guilleman Blue and finished off with a drybrush of Skull White. The bark of the critters followed the same scheme as the bark of the Kurnoth Hunters. To add a bit more colour to the arrows, both those held by the critters and the main models, I lightly airbrushed Averland Sunset onto the feather/leave area. These were then glazed with Lamenters Yellow.

The remaining details were painted as follows: Gold: Balthasar Gold > Gehennas Gold > Auric Armour. Bow shaft: Rhinox Hide > Doombull Brown > Tuskgor Flesh. Lamentari: Caledor Blue > Teclis Blue > Lothern Blue. Finally, I painted the runes, eyes and mouth with Baharroth Blue.

Once the models had been painted I applied several thin coats of gloss varnish. Once the varnish had been left to dry overnight I finished off the models with a 50/50 wash of Soft Tone/Army Painter Shade Medium.

I based the models using the process mentioned here.

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