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13 January 2018

Orc Blood Bowl Team

So it seems I completely forgot to post about finishing this unit! I think I got them done back in August 2017... my goal was to get them completed for a gaming weekend so my guests could play a game of 3rd edition Blood Bowl with fully painted teams. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to play any games so they haven't been used in anger...yet!

I provided a WIP update here where I covered the main base colours. To recap the skin was painted with the usual Waagh Flesh > Warboss Green > Skarsnik Green whilst the red is Mephiston Red > Evil Sunz Scarlet > Wild Rider Red.

The black followed Vallejo Model Black > Eshin Grey > Dawnstone, the white is Celestra Grey > Ulthuan Grey > White Scar and the skulls are Zandri Dust > Ushabti Bone > Screaming Skull.

The base followed how I did the Human Blood Bowl Team. I based the models with sand and then painted a diluted Steel Legion Drab over the sand. After this had dried I drybrushed Eldar Flesh over each base. On top of this, I applied static grass and panted the rim of each base Black.

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