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25 September 2017

Kicking Off The Sylvaneth

This week I’ve started working on my Sylvaneth in the form of the 16 Dryads which came as part of the start collecting box which I picked up back in February.

I’ve been itching to start this project as it will involve a very different painting style compared to Space Marines. It will, therefore, require different skills and provide a new set of experiences. In particular, I’m really looking forward to testing out my fine detail airbrush game!

The Paint Scheme

After reading the Sylvaneth Battle Tome I found myself to have an affinity with the Harvestboon glade. They are a youthful clan, not as ‘regal’ or ‘twisted’ as some other clans and they fit with the spring seasonal theme I want to base my models with.

The Harvestboon colours mainly focus on greens with a more sombre accent of softer tones... but also with some bright yellow/green foliage.


I plan to add a fair amount of detail to the bases of my models. I have a pack of Daffodil tufts as well as ‘Spring’ leaves. Whilst I haven’t tested any of these materials out yet, my aim is to sparingly use a combination of these two materials alongside some static grass over a brown texture base.

I’ll follow this post up with a WIP of the Dryads as soon as I can.