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22 September 2017

BathCon 2018

After the success of BatchCon 2017, I wanted to make a post about the plan for next years event.

So, planning is now firmly underway for next years day of wargaming goodness! BathCon 2017 focused largely (well, entirely!) on the sci-fi side of gaming with X-Wing, Shadow War: Armageddon and Warhammer 40,000 being what we played, next years event will take a more fantasy-focused theme. Blood Bowl, Gorechosen, ShadeSpire and Age of Sigmar will be systems we focus on.

Both I and my long-term hobby boyfriend (known as Bob) are going to focus on Age of Sigmar armies over the coming months. We will be visiting Warhammer World for a weekend of gaming at the end of April. This will be split between 40k and AoS so we need to get some armies built and painted! I will be working to paint up 1000 points of Sylvaneth whilst Bob will be working on the same point value of Khorne Bloodbound. Obviously, the benefit of this is that, for BathCon 2018, we will have 2 suitable armies to game with. I also have a small force of Stormcast Eternals and Nurgle Daemons whereas Bob has Khorne and Nurgle Daemons as well… so there will be plenty for us to use!

We also will likely dabble in some Blood Bowl seeing as I have fully painted Orc and Human teams and one of this year's guest has metal Skaven and High Elf teams which I’m sure he’ll look forward to dusting off. Blood Bowl can take a long time to play so I suspect we will limit the time dedicated to this game to one-half of a match.

Alongside these games, Bob has picked up Gorechosen and this would be a perfect event to roll out the 4 player game of blood, guts and decapitations! Bob is also pondering picking up Warhammer Quest Silver Tower so that may also find its way onto the order of play!

Finally, there’s ShadeSpire. At the time of writing, this is an unreleased game but both Bob and I will be picking it upon release.

One last thing to mention… Some of these games will require a suitable board to play on! Having spent the last 7-8 months preparing a good 40k board, it looks like 2018 will see my focus shift on to preparing a fantasy style board. More on this soon!