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29 September 2017

Dryads: work in progress

Here we have a WIP of the Dryads. So far I have completed the base coats I’ll be applying with the airbrush. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be following the colour scheme of the Harvestboon clan; as you can see below from one of the example colour schemes which the Dryads of Harvestboon follow, I’ve gone for a pale brown fading into green at the extremities of each model.

The models have been undercoat with black Vallejo primer with was then followed up with grey Vallejo primer, applied from a zenith perspective (e.g. from above).
Next, I painted the brown bark . This was achieved by airbrushing Baneblade Brown onto the model and then gradually highlighting the with Ushabti Bone and then Screaming Skull. It’s worth pointing out that I’ll be applying the shade as the last step of painting these models so at this point I am deliberately aiming to paint the models to a degree lighter than they will finally be.

Once the bark had dried I moved on to the green. This was once again airbrushed on in order to achieve natural transitions. First of all I applied a 1-1 mix of Caliban Green and Ushabti Bone. Then I slowly added more Caliban Green and applied these shades closer to the end of the areas being painted green.

Finally I turned my attention to the bases. Dryad Bark was first airbrush all over the base and then subtly highlighted with Gorthor Brown & Baneblade Brown.

As these steps concluded the airbrushing of the base coats, I sealed the paint onto the models with a couple of coats of Vallejo matte varnish.

Next up I will pick out the remaining base colours, apply highlights to those areas, apply gloss varnish and then finally shade the model down. After that I will have some fun with the bases!