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29 August 2016

Dusting off 3rd Edition Blood Bowl

So after dusting off my Human and Orc Blood Bowl teams I was motivated to play a game so invited @bignerdbowski over for a match. 

Although I own the original Blood Bowl video game (which I didn't really like and as a result I didn't managed to complete a match!), it has been over 22 years since I last played a Blood Bowl match from start to finish. Needless to say, it was epic fun playing a game and I'm annoyed that I waited so long to reconnect with the game.

In the single match that we had time for, I played as Humans whilst my opponent played as Ocs. 'Back in the day' my team was Ocs so it was a new experience playing as squishy 'umans. Without going in to too much details of how the game played out... it finished 1-1. My opponent had an opportunity to score with a long bomb in the last turn but fumbled the throw.

Off the back of this match I have been trawling eBay and have picked up some Orc and Human star players. I'll get to work on these when the models arrive and I'll post updates at that point.