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8 August 2016

Blood Angels Draft 1,500 point List.

Today I wanted to cover my draft BA list.

For this 'core' list I have focused on Blood Angels specific models and will try, when I get the chance, to play this as a fast attack, 'in your face' list. One main principle of this list is for the scouts to persue any difficult/remote/backline objectives and thusly call down the Terminators from Deep Strike to bolster their attacking or defensive requirements. The Death Company will arrive in the Storm Raven and so have a good range of options to get to where they are most required. I'll probably combat quad the Tactical Marines so I have 3 x units which can secure objectives and the Assault Marines can support the combat squad which doesnt enter the battle in the Rhino. Throw in the Blood Angels Chaplain with Jump Pack, a Sanguinary Priest & this list starts to feel very much inline how BA should conduct their battles.


Chaplain [90]
+ bolt pistol
+ jump pack [15]
= 105

Sanguinary Priest [60]
+ chainsword
= 60


4 Scouts [44]
+ 3× Space Marine shotgun
+ missile launcher [15]
+ 1 Scout Sergeant [11]
+ melta bombs [5]
+ teleport homer [10]
= 85

9 Tactical Marines [126]
+ grav-gun [15]
+ heavy flamer [10]
+ 1 Space Marine Sergeant [14]
+ power weapon [15]
+ inferno pistol [15]
+ melta bombs [5]
= 200
• Rhino
= 45


5 Death Company Marines [100]
+ power weapon [15]
+ power fist [25]
+ inferno pistol [15]
+ thunder hammer [30]
= 185

4 Assault Terminators [160]
+ 5× thunder hammer and storm shield [20]
+ company standard [20]
+1 Terminator Sergeant
= 290

Fast Attack

4 Assault Marines [68]
+ flamer [5]
+ hand flamer [10]
+ 1 Space Marine Sergeant [17]
+ power fist [25]
+ plasma pistol [15]
+ melta bombs [5]
= 145

Heavy Support

Stormraven Gunship [200]
+ side-sponson hurricane bolters [30]
+ extra armour [5]
= 235

Baal Predator
+ flamestorm cannon
+ sponson heavy flamers [20]
+ storm bolter [5]
+ hunter-killer missile [10]
= 150

1,500 points

Alongside this list I have Commander Dante and a Lord Executioner as options. I will also (most likely) paint up my 30th Anniversary Space Marine as a Blood Angel and use him as part of the tactical squad... just for some added cheese!

In terms of modeling, I'm going to make these units as detailed as possible and replace 40k models, with 30k (Horus Heresy) equivalents, e.g. I will pick up the ForgeWorld Rhino instead of the GW Rhino.

There are a few of reasons for this approach:

  1. the models look better!; 
  2. Blood Angels were my first army: I feel drawn to many ForgeWorld models as they are based on the early incarnations of, for example, the Rhinos and Land Raiders, which I had back in the early 90's; and 
  3. I want, where I can, to have units which could function both in 30k and 40k.

 It's going to be a little while until I can start this project without distraction as I want to complete my Space Marine Army first but I now have a solid list to which I can use to direct my hobbying activities over the next 12 months or so.