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1 August 2016

Blood Angels Test Model (1st Set)

I only have 2 or 3 models left to paint for the Space Marine army so I've started to cast my eye towards my next project, Blood Angels. These were my first army back in the early nineties so I have been itching to start this next project and I'm determined to do them justice by adequately planning the paint scheme and general aesthetic.

The first step in achieving this goal has been to paint up some test models. I experimented on 5 different models in total, using various colours, styles, methods but this model below is my favourite. For him, I followed  GW colours scheme for Blood Angels contained in the Sons of Sanguinius: Blood Angels Painting Guide as follows:
  • Mephiston Red base coat
  • Agrax Earthshade wash
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet highlight
  • Fire Dragon Bright highlight
  • Ungor Flesh highlight

Out of this batch of test models, I found this scheme created the most striking looking marine, remained true to the Blood Angel colour scheme (I guess 'cos this is the GW scheme!) and  would be relatively easy to paint.

I now have to decide on base styles, weathering options and which units I want to purchase for my army. Fun times!

One aspect of my Space Marine army that I have never been happy with was the decals. I really like apply decals to models but I find it quite challenging to apply them to Space Marine shoulder pads. On this model I followed a youtube guide which focused a little more on using kitchen roll to ensure the decal sets without any ripples underneath. I'm happy to say that it worked very well!