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11 January 2014

Troops: 2nd Tactical Squad

This is the Light Knights Tactical Squad (2nd Company, 2nd Squad) with Melta Gun and Missile Launcher. This unit shows off the chapter colour scheme well- along with the decals which I have chosen to use for my army (Forgeworld Raptor Chapter). The '2' which I have added to the left knee pad represents the marking for the company whilst I have used the appropriate marking on the right shoulder pad to depict that this is the 2nd tactical squad.

I do enjoy organizing my army and adding decals in order to make the army feel a lot more like a 'real' fighting force. My Rhinos are paired with tactical squads and so also gave the relevant markings!

I currently gave 3 tactical squads- squad 1 is done so next up will be squad 3. This will be painted using my new airbrush so I'm interested to see how they will turn out, watch this space for more updates soon :)