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4 January 2014

HQ: Lysander Conversion

If I could be any character in 40K, it would be this guy! Having played a 'tank' in many MMOs I feel a certain affinity to this chappy. In his first game he went toe-to-toe with some very nasty Chaos marines and did a fine job. So, now whenever I am choosing my Warlord/HQ he was first on the team-sheet!

As you can see from the photo I have converted him a little; replacing his Storm Shield and 'Fist of Dorn' Hammer. I wanted to give him a more unique feel, as he is my alter-ego on the battle field I felt it was important to try and reflect that in the model. The sword was a left over piece from a Grey Knight kit and was surprisingly easy to mod as the hand slotted straight into the space left when I removed the Hammer. In regards to the shield, I felt that the default model was a little too imperial fist like and so I picked up a breaching shield replacement on eBay.

I am happy with how he has come out considering the relatively few hours painting i have gotten under my belt recently. I painted the sword using the guide on painting gems in the Lizardmen edition of white dwarf. the goal was to create a sword which looks how i would imagine the 'Burning Blade' Chapter Relic would appear however I do not use this weapon as I play the model as Lysander.