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3 January 2014

The Origins of the Light Knights Space Marine Chapter

My first purchase when I returned to the hobby was the Dark Vengeance boxed set. For £60 it is (for GW standards) a bargain and a great way to get you started in the hobby- although I guess that is the point of it! Anyway, once I had DV I had to decide which chapter colour scheme I was going to paint my marines. During this time I was still the Community Manager of the Light Knights and so I decided to try and bring these two elements of my life together.

Whilst the LK were playing a superhero MMO called Champions Online we settled on a 'guild' outfit which was based around a light blue primary and dark blue secondary colour scheme.

The initial colour scheme which I settled on is represented here on the left, and my firs 'test' model is on the right. This colour scheme has developed since these early days and has now been slightly simplified - as well as altering the helmet colour to be more inline with the codex astartes (i.e. Veterans have white helmets, not normal marines). The light blue sections of the armour are painted in the Space Wolf colour scheme and dark Blue follows the Ultramarine scheme.

In my next post I will begin to cover the units which i have currently painted- my Lysander conversion, scout squad and tactical squads. I will also mix these up a little with some more LK chapter fluff.