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17 January 2014

Troop Transport: Rhino

The good old Rhino!

Back in March '13 my chum Bob (who has his own 40K blog - linked to on the right hand panel) very kindly donated a load of his old Marines and this Rhino model was the first which I re-painted in my chapter colour scheme. 

As mentioned in my previous post; I do enjoy marking up my unit authentically and so this is the 1st Rhino of the Light Knights 2nd Company. The unit is curre

As I painted this model fairly early on in the development of the colour scheme it is actually painted in Fenrisian Grey as opposed to Russ Grey (with Fenrisian Grey being the first highlight layer). Thankfully it doesn't look out of place among my painted units so I'm planning on leaving it as is.. with the hope that no-one will notice!