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26 October 2017

Work In Progress Blood Angels Combat Squad

Bit of a change of direction this week! As I ran out of Sylvaneth models, to ensure hobby progress, I turned to a Blood Angels Tactical Squad.

The red armour has been painted since earlier this year so this week I started picking out the details. I'm generally following a Blood Angels Legion paint scheme rather than the Chapter colour scheme - i.e. lots of Gold and Black (to accompany the red). 

I posted my BA colour scheme here, however, since then I've altered the process. I will no longer use oil washes as they're just too fiddly (and smelly!)... especially now I've figured out a great technique using Army Painter/Matte Medium paints. In terms of the other colours used so far; the Gold is Citadel Liberators Gold, whilst the silver is Vallejo Model Colour Gun Metal and the black is Vallejo Model Colour Black.

I'll also be using 30K Blood Angels transfers where I can, alongside the 40k Company/Squad markings. This unit has the Blood Angels chapter symbol moulded on each shoulder pad so the opportunity to use the 30k transfers is limited.

Whilst I do have the full 10 man squad, I'm testing out painting 5 models per 'batch' to see if that makes the process more enjoyable. With this in mind, I'll continue to work on this unit over the next week or two. Life is busy at the moment so weekend painting time is limited.