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6 October 2017

Sylvaneth Branchwych

Today I'm presenting a Sylvaneth Branchwych.

After the success of the Dryads, I was able to bash through this model very quickly! I love how she has come out and how quickly I am getting through the Sylvaneth models. A combination of my chosen process, the airbrush and the organic nature of these models is synergising perfectly!

The bark was painted using Dryad Bark > Gorthor Brown > Baneblade Brown > Ushabti Bone > Screaming Skull in ever decreasing amounts. I Actually didn't need to paint so many layers! The Dryad Bark and Gorthor Brown were applied because I, mistakenly, started off using a picture of a Branchwych from another grove and not from Harevestboon!

Once I started using the correct pictures from the Battletome as my guide, I noticed that the Branchwych had a slight green tone around some of her areas of bark. This green was applied using a 1/1 mix of Ogryn Camo and Ushabti Bone.

The dark green followed the same process and paint as that used on the Dryads: Caliban Green.

The extra details on this model (compared to the Dryads) focused on the lovely little grub which is along for the ride and the scythe.

The shaft of the weapon was painted with Dryad bark and heavily dry brushed with Dryad Bark. The blade was airbrushed with White Scar and then I applied Baharroth Blue through the airbrush to achieve the effect. I used Gulliman Blue glaze in the rune on the blade to make them stand out. Finally, the leaves on the weapon were painted in the same way as the Dryads. Moot Green with a glaze of Lamenters Yellow.

As for the little grub. I painted his chitin with The Fang and dry brushed a highlight of Fenrisian Grey. Its face was painted with Baharoth Blue. Its teeth and feet were painted with the usual colours for bone - Zandri Dust > Ushabti Bone > Screaming Skull.

After the basecoats were complete I applied a coat of gloss varnish and then, once that had dried overnight, I mixed up a wash of 1/1 Amry Painter matte medium and Soft Tone. This was then applied all over the model (except for the blade on the weapon).

The base was finished in the same method as the Dryads.