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6 June 2016

Work In Progress: Space Marine Librarian

Today it's time for a 'WIP' post covering my Librarian. This guy is shaping up to be the model I have painted to the highest standard yet. I initially base coated with Macragge Blue with my airbrush and worked on each base coat before applying careful washes of Agrax Earth Shade, Nuln Oil and Reikland Fleshshade to each element. I am most pleased with the detail on the staff. The swirly line is probably the finest detail I have attempted to paint yet and so far it looks great! 

I will continue to work on this model during the week and aim to have completed the paint job by the weekend.

I'm a little torn on whether to apply a chapter decal to this model; my reason being that I then can take him with either my Space Marine army or Blood Angels. Whilst this sounds like an obvious decision, I do feel drawn to my Blood Angels having a Librarian in Terminator armour!