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3 June 2016

Space Marine Legion Praetor

I purchased the Legion Praetor models a couple of years back with a view to painting them up and using them in my 40k Space Marine army (mainly because they are stunning models!). As I'm coming towards the end of painting up units for my Space Marine army, I can focus on more of the independent character models I haven't completed and first up has been this guy. 

I'll use him as a HQ Terminator Captain in my army and want to acknowledge that the unit is from 30k, reflect this age of this amour and in doing so test out some weathering techniques. I have been a big fan of the Advent Calendar painting tutorial videos that GW posted on YouTube in December 2015 (if you haven't seen them; check them out here!) so I decided to follow the tips from the 'Chipping and Scratches' video to add a worn/battered look to the armour. The principle is quite basic and therefore straightforward; Using Rhinox Hide one paints narrow lines randomly across the armour, these were then follow this up with a highlight of Fensirian Grey underneath the Rhinox Hide lines. I don't feel like I applied enough of these lines to 'nail' the look but I'm generally happy with how the effect looks. On future miniatures I will focus on the application of the effect rather than worrying whether the effect looks suitable or not.