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13 June 2016

Learning 7th & Getting a Spanking!

Before venturing out to the local club, or hosting games at my flat, I need to know the rules a bit better! Thanks to a very accommodating Fiancée I have recently been able to test out my knowledge on her. For this battle I played as Chaos space Marines using the models from Dark Vengeance, whereas my other half played Space Marines; a Terminator Squad and Captain in Terminator armour from my 'Light Knights' Space Marine army.

As you can see in the pictures, we used the X-Wing star field mat as the gaming surface and enhanced the battlefield with a couple of DVDs and candle holders as scenery. 

Obviously she gave me a spanking (tabling me in 3 turns) but it was great to run a small skirmish game and embed some of the basic rules around shooting and combat. Next I will re-run a similar size game but bring in some vehicles/psykers in order to expand my familiarity with those units/phases of the game.

Her Legion Praetor (aka Terminator Captain) wiping out a brave band of Chaos Cultist.

Me, deep in concentration, checking the rules!

My final Chosen model, surrounded. He didn't last very long...