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15 April 2014

Work Stations!

As with all activities which can involve sitting in the same place for hours on end, I think the comfort of our hobbying work stations play a massive part in allowing us to achieve the results we want to. When you consider space, permanence, lighting, equipment etc, work stations can vary massively.

This is my workstation and to be honest its a pain in the ass! the only source of light is the main bedroom light which is positioned directly behind where I am standing whilst taking this photo and there isn't much room for a decent chair so I'm stuck on a small Argos £10 jobby which makes my ass numb after an hour of sitting on it.

But I have no other viable alternative at the moment so just get on with it. I am planning on improving the lighting by investing in a couple of decent lamps and potentially getting a better chair however I do feel like my work station is a hindrance.. and I wonder what everyone else has for their hobbying activities? for all the amazing work stations out in hobbyland there must be many of us who have awkward spaces to work in?

But what is the perfect hobby work station? For me, I was lucky enough to be visiting Bob on a warm summer weekend last year and we spent much of that time (when not gaming) sat around the garden table in the sun with beer in hand- painting. For me, as massive part of what made this great was the company, and how it was awesome to be having a conversation with someone, showing each other our progress, sharing ideas and generally making it a much more collaborative experience. We had loads of room, the light was perfect and it was comfortable.

The question is, does the quality of ones work station really effect the standards one can achieve?