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11 April 2014

Cypher: Lord of the Fallen

Today I want to present pictures of my recently completed Cypher model. For anyone reading who hasn't seen my previous post about this model, I kit bashed this guy instead of using the GW metal model. I hope you enjoy seeing how he turned out! More pictures of Cypher after the jump.

I used a great guide for painting robed Dark Angels from Tale of Painters and whilst my technique isn't particularly of a high standard, I have certainly achieved a good 'tabletop' standard and so am happy with the quality of the paint job.

Below you can see a better shot of the backpack and Cypher's mysterious sword. I have used the backpack from the official GW Cypher model as I found an auction selling a set of 3 very cheap on eBay. The sword is from Chaos Warrior models.

I tried to portray a subtly to the model in terms of how Cypher is 10,000 years old. I achieved this by applying only muted highlights and using the new Citadel technical paint Nihilakh Oxide on the metallic surfaces. I think I have created and painted a model suitable of such a fantastic 40K character and am very excited about using him on the battlefield.