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27 December 2017

2017 Hobby Retrospective

My first post in 2017 set out hobby goals for the year (link here). Throughout the 2nd half of 2016 I struggled to dedicated time to hobby so for 2017 I wanted to set some targets! Now, 2017 is almost concluded and 2018 reckons, I wanted to look back and see how I'd fared against my goals.

In term of which models I aimed to complete in 2017; my list consisted of:
  • Human Blood Bowl Team,
  • Orc Blood Bowl Team,
  • Blood Angels Assault Squad.
..and I managed to complete the following:
I also set myself a target of reading 12 books. I fell short and only managed to read 10... but I listened to 6 audiobooks (thanks to Black Library being on Audible!).

So, in conclusion, I'm happy with my achievements for 2017. I managed to paint up many more models than I had planned. This was mainly down to Nerd Day 2017 and the focus it provided. This event required a board and scenery. which occupied my activities during the middle of the year. After Nerd Day I was infused with the motivation to prepare for gaming in 2018 and managed to bash out the Sylvaneth units mentioned above and Sly Marbo!

Next up I will present the completed Kurnoth Hunters and Orc Blood Bowl team (looks like i forgot to post about the completed unit!). At time of writing this article, I am away visiting family so will cover that unit in a post before closing of 2017 with a 2018 goals article.

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