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17 April 2017

Games Workshop Wellington (New Zealand)

Whenever I get to visit a new GW store I like to post about it on this blog. Whilst on honeymoon in New Zealand during September/October 2016 I had a few hours to spare whilst in Wellington... so what else is a hobby nerd to do?!?! Go find the GW store! 

I managed to rock up bang on opening time and the typically awesome manager welcomed me in and we spent a good half an hour chatting about the hobby. Of all the GW managers I have spoken to, I have to say that this chap, Nathan I believe his name is, was up there with the best. A very nice chap indeed! 

As a souvenir I picked up a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest (still unopened!). I did notice the price difference which I've heard Aussie and NZ gamer's mention... this model cost $40.00, which is £22.30 at current exchange rate. Compare that to the £18 which the models costs on the UK web store. So that's roughly a 20% price increase. 😟