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28 March 2014


Whilst casually talking to a couple of colleagues about my love of painting toy soldiers one of them mentioned that he had an old copy of Space Crusade gathering dust and wondered whether I wanted to take it off of his hands. There is of course only 1 answer to such a question and so, a couple of weeks later, he brought in to work for me. RESULT!

Space Crusade is the game which first drew me in to the hobby... hook, line and sinker! Back in the early nineties my circle of school chums and various members of my family all fell in love with that particular generation of specialist games which Games Workshop (in collaboration with Milton Bradley Games) released - Hero Quest, Space Crusade and their 'advanced' versions (Tyranids anyone!?). I generally don't keep hold of stuff that I no long actively use, however being able to pick up the game which started it all off was an opportunity I wasn't going to miss.

After getting the box home and performing an inventory of the contents compared to what should be present in the box (the rules book has a very useful list of all the items which should be present), the only bits which are missing are the models themselves. This is a tad disappointing and a quick eBay search revealed that the models from Space Crusade sell for silly money. As I'm not made of money, my plan is to repopulate the missing models with newer, more readily available equivalent units.. for example I have already set aside the Hellbrute and Chosen Chaos Marines which I had lying around from the Dark Vengeance boxed set to replace the chaos units and Bob has offered a few Necrons to fill in those gaps. Over the coming months I plan to use eBay to fill in the rest of the gaps and then be able to play a game/full campaign.

What this space for further update on my Space Crusade project.