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28 February 2014

So Whats Left To Paint?

Well, this lot! Predator, Rhino. Drop Pod, Techmarine, Centurions, Bike Squad, Terminators, Sternguard Vets, a Tactical Squad, Command Squad and the Lord Executioner.

Oh and not forgetting my delicious Grey Knight Allies! 2 Strike Squads (1 still in box), Terminator Squad and a Brother Champion. I cant wait to get my marines done and then I can move on to these bad boys!

I am aiming to get all these unit completed by the time I next visit Warhammer World, which is looking like being May/June of this year. My gaming partner, Bob and I visited Warhammer World in December last year and it was a fantastic day (link to article on Bobs blog)... next time I want to match his fully painted army. I feel that this is a very achievable objective *if* I can continue with my current rate. It will be fantastic to field a completed painted army. I cant wait!