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12 June 2022

Sylvaneth Warsong Revenant

I'm preparing for a small 6 player AoS tournament this year so want to get all the newer Sylvaneth models in my list painted up... First up is the Warsong Rev. 

Lovely model, pain in the arse to paint! hair and tentacles everywhere!

But let's go through the scheme and process.

Leafy cape

This was based with Castellan Green and airbrush highlighted with Loren Forest then Elysian Green. Airbrushed shaded with Caliban Green. Then shaded Beil-tan Green/Contrast Medium 50/50 mix trice. I then edge highlighted with Loren Forst and Orgyn Camo.


Baed coated Rhinox Hide, shaded with Wyldwood/Contrast Medium mix and highlighted Doombull Brown and Karak Stone.

Spirit Skin/Horn

This was base coated Grey seer and then applied a light layer of Plaguebearer flesh (not thinned with medium, just thinly applied). This was followed up with a thin layer of Iyanden Yellow. I then highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh. This process is different to how I've done the spirit skin in the past and doesn't quite match... I'll try an amended process on the Gosamer Archers soon!

Bug eggs

Basecoated Grey Seer then applied Magos Purple/Contrast Medium mix all over. Then Magos Purple on the lower half of each egg. Highlighted up with Pallid Wych Flesh.

Green Bark

Basecoated Death World Forest shaded Agrax Earthshade and highlighted Loren Forest and Orgyn Camo.


Basecoated Fulgrim Copper, shaded Argax then highlighted Fulgrim Copper and Stormhost Silver.

Base Tentacles

Based Caliban Green then airbrush highlighted Warpstone Grow, Elysian Green and Screaming Skull.

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