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9 March 2020

Sylvaneth Spite Revenants

Once I'd finished the initial batch of Blood Angels I moved on to rounding out my Sylvaneth collection. I was lucky enough to pick up 2 boxes of Looncurse when it was released in May 2019 so used the contents of the boxes to expand my collection to over 4500 points.

First up out of the set was to paint up 15 Spite Revenants. These were very straight forward to paint and I got the chance to use Contrast paints for the first time.

The bark was airbrushed Abbadon Black then highlighted with Caliban Green, Warpstone Glow and finally Moot Green. The bark was then shaded with a mixture of Black Templar and Contrast Medium. I then picked out some of the lightest green areas with more Moot Green.

The skin was undercoated Grey Seer and then Aethermatic Blue was applied all over.

The leaves were painted Wraithbone and then various contrast paints were used over the top.

These guys were super easy to paint and great fun!

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