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9 April 2018

Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters (2nd unit)

Being a very lucky chap whose wife is very supportive of my hobby activities, part of my birthday present this year was this unit of Kurnoth Hunters. This was the second unit of Hunters I've painted...  I posted the first set of models here.

Generally, I followed the same steps covered by the post linked above. However, I wanted to learn from the experience of building and painting the first unit so I did a few things differently!

The main difference centred around the use of subassemblies. This time around, I didn't glue the arms, head or shoulder pads together. This allowed much easier access to the dark green 'flesh' areas of the models.

The second change relates to the arrows. This was quite minor but I chose to apply an edge highlight to the yellow 'feather' areas of the arrows. I felt that on the first set of models, the yellow looked a bit flat and this change helped them start out a lot better!

Thirdly, I wanted to prevent the wash from neutralising the blue used for the runes and facial details. I first tried this on the unit of Dryads I recently completed. It worked a treat!

I really like how this unit turned out. I feel as if the small changes I'm making to my process - removing the wash from the blue areas, spot highlighting certain details - will really help address the concern I have around the models looking too dull/flat.

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