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17 June 2017

8th Edition Midnight Launch

Just a quick post to mark the release of 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000. My local Warhammer store here in Bath held a midnight opening and I popped down with the wife to pick up my new toys! 

I pre-ordered the full set.. the Dark Imperium starter box, Tactical Objective cards, both sets of dice (Wound trackers and Command die), new objective marker models, combat gauge and Index: Imperium 1. 

As I'm currently working hard to complete all my outstanding scenery for the beginning of September, the new models will have to join my 'to do list' in a lower position than I'd like (obviously I want to build and paint them today!). 

My plan is to  paint the Primaris Space Marines as Blood Angels and to help with improving the Blood Angels aesthetic I have ordered a couple of packs of Blood Angels Heads from ForgeWorld. I also have a few bits from the GW Blood Angels Upgrade Pack which I'll also add to the models. As for the Death Guard... I'm keen to paint them in a colour scheme close to the Horus Heresy era paint livery.

I've included a couple of photos taken from the launch after the break.