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22 May 2017

Imperial Bastion

In preparation for 'Nerd Day 2017' (see previous post), I first tackled an update to an Imperial Bastion. This piece of terrain was part of Great Scenery Rescue of 2016 and whilst it was already built and painted by the time it came into my possession, I wanted to test out some weathering techniques.

The model was repainted in Death World Forest with the details being picked out with standar base colours- Leadbelcher, Mephiston Red, Celestra Grey and Zandri Dust. I then applied the decals and sponged on a mix of Chaos Black and Rhinox Hide to simulate wear and tear. After this I sealed the model with gloss varnish. Next up I applied a wash of mixed black/burnt umber oil paint and allowed it to dry for about an hour. At that point, I used white spirit to diffuse the wash. The penultimate step involved the application of a watered down mix of Steel Legion Drab and various weathering powders. This can mainly be observed on the roof deck. Finally I airbrushed black on all the shell marks and applied a coat of satin varnish.

Next up will be some barrels! Fun times.