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8 January 2017


Happy New Year dear readers!

It's been a few months since I've been able to turn my attention to any hobbying. Mainly, this is due to a quite significant change in my career: I am now working away from home Monday - Thursday and thus I've had a lot of change to digest recently. Bearing that in mind, and considering the half finished models/units currently eyeballing me from my display cabinet I want to make a few hobby commitments for 2017. These won't be spectacular in any way, however creating achievable targets is important to ensure that I maintain a portion of my recreational time dedicated to the hobby.

So, lets get on with the list!

Blood Bowl Human Team

I took this unit with me for my initial month away from home with the goal of painting this team during my free time in the evenings. Unfortunately the light in my hotel room was terrible and I simply couldn't see the detail on the models!

This unit will be my primary focus for 2017.

Blood Bowl Orc Team

What use is one completed Blood Bowl if you don't have another for it to play against? Currently this team has been airbrushed green... and thats it!

This unit will be my secondary focus for 2017.

Blood Angels Assault Squad

Following my final post in 2016 I did spend time of my Blood Angels units. I followed the painting scheme/process documented in that post for both the Assault Squad, Tactical Squad and 2 Independent Characters. All these units received their undercoat, armour base coat and wash. I will take the Assault Squad forward from this point and move the models forward until completion.

I will focus on this unit once the Blood Bowl teams have been completed.

Reading 12 books

Slightly tenuous this one but it is hobby related so bear with me!

Last year I started reading the Horus Heresy novels and loved them! I managed to read through the first 4 between the summer and end of my Honeymoon in October. A goal I have set myself in 2017 is to read 1 book per month... and to be honest the vast majority, if not all, will be from Black Library! I am currently 100 pages into 'Fulgrim' so will aim to complete that by the end of Jan and then I will turn my attention to the Warhammer Legends Collection which I started picking up before Christmas. These are Hardback and so may not be ideal for inclusion in my suitcase for travelling in the week so I may revert to concentrating on the HH novels over the next few months.

So that's it really. Lets see how it goes!