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18 July 2016

Keeping It In The Family: The Great Scenery Rescue of 2016

On a recent holiday up to York to see a friend (who is taking a break from the hobby) & his family, I purchased his scenery collection. It's quite the collection, as you can see in the photo below, so wanted to cover it in a post.

After returning to the hobby in 2013/2014, I played my first battles against my friend at his house. As a result these pieces of scenery are quite close to my heart and remind me of some good times rolling dice and chilling out with my friend. During those weekends at my friends house, aside from facing off my Spare Marines against his treacherous Chaos army, we would spend time panting some of these pieces up. Hobbying is something most of us probably do alone so it was awesome to to sit outside (in the sun), drink beer and hobby with someone doing the same!

Due to the never ending battle between hobbying need and grown-up 'real life' needs my friend has since chosen to watch the hobby from the sidelines and has been looking to move on his collection of scenery. So, it would have been a shame for these to be lost to some lucky eBay punter and it's good that they are to remain within our hobbying 'family'.

My medium/long terms plan is to purchase a suitable gaming mat/board for use at home and it's at that point I will be able to use these items all all their glory. In the mean time I will give each piece a touch up; testing out some of the new skills I have picked up over the last few years. I'm especially looking forward to repainting the broken Aquilla piece in a marble paint effect (again taking advantage of a GW 2015 Advent Calendar video), adding some weathering to the Space Marine statue (using the technique described in this video tutorial by Tabletop Minions) and getting down and dirty with the Bastion (making it look suitably battered!).