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20 May 2016

Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squad

Whilst it has been a while since my last blog post, I have continued to expand my Space Marine army and have added some new completed units to its numbers. To be honest, since Christmas I have known that I will be getting a new camera so have waiting to post any new blog articles. Now I have it, on with the show!

 One of the units which has waited patiently for its time in the spot light is this Vanguard Veteran Squad. This unit was a pleasure to paint and is, in my opinion anyway, the best standard of painting I have achieved to date. I went with 2 x Thunder hammer/Storm Shield and 2 x Lightning Claw marines to give a bit of balance to the squad. 

I'm most pleased the Storm Shields and how the Relic blade on the sergeant turned out. The white helmets also turned out very well using (base) Celestra Grey -> (shade) Nuln Oil -> (layer 1) Ulthuan Grey -> (layer 2) White Scar .