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19 October 2015

Space Marine Land Raider

Well, hasn't it been a while!

I've been slowly working on this model for about 6 months but yesterday I finally managed to add the remaining few details, move it to the 'completed' column on my rather glacial Kanban board and be in a position to put up a new blog post!

So, why has it taken sooo long? 

Its fair to say that my hobby focus has changed pretty drastically over the last 12 months. It's been nearly 18 months since I last played a game and my hobby partner, who helped provide me with an awful lot of motivation is on a hobbying hiatus. I am also getting married in September next year and weddings are rather expensive! combining that with an addition to plastic crack isn't really going to work.

As I no longer need to get models 'done' asap prior to being used on the battlefields of Warhammer World, I can focus on pushing my painting skill and ability. As a result I have reduced my modelling backlog; this involved the sale of the Assassinarum board game and Death Storm boxed set, amongst other things and will focus on quality over quantity.

This Land Raider is the first example of this new focus. I have used as many of the advanced techniques detailed in the Forgeworld: Advanced Modelling Techniques Volume 1 and whilst it has obviously been a learning experience, I am happy with the result. 

Most of what the book teaches is very different to the basics of base coating, washing and layering. Using harispray, oil paints and white spirit alongside weathering with pigments and using graphite to highlight the tracks... its been a challenge but I hope the results can speak for themselves.

Next up is a Contemptor Dreadnought. It may take me a while to get it completed but I intend to use the same techniques learnt on this model, hopefully with improved results.