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9 May 2015

Its Been A While!

So, after a fair few months out of the game due to moving house (twice!) and taking an examination I'm finally ready to get back to some hobbying!

Whilst away from having the time/space to hobby I have been keeping up to date with the glorious GW release schedule and now find myself with quite a backlog of models to keep me busy.

First up, to get me back in the groove, is a 5 man Terminator squad. I painted the armour prior to my break and have started off painting the silver bits this week. Hopefully I'll be able to get these finished in the next couple of weeks and discover that I haven't lost any of the (relative) ability I had developed.

More pics after the break.

So far I have only drilled out the gun barrels, painted Leadbelcher over the metallic parts (including the armour ribbing) and painted the ammunition Balthasar Gold before inking the lot with Nuln Oil.

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