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9 May 2014

HQ: Command Squad

Following on from the Devastator Centurions, next up is the Command Squad which Bob gave me as part of his Space Marine donation at the beginning of last year. I painted this unit in a slightly different manner to my previous Space Marine troops in that I used my airbrush: I had been a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to take full advantage of the Airbrush whilst working on this army. Thankfully I was wrong! Using the Airbrush to paint the base coat and first highlighted layer I was able to further highlight the armour and for the result to maintain the look of the my previously painted units.

I spent a lot of time focusing on the details on this unit; adding a Grey Knight helmet, a demon head and some other little bits and pieces to add a more unique feel to the squad. Below you can see pics of each individual member of the unit.

The Standard Bearer has a Grey Knight helmet and I used the masking tape method to help achieve straight lines on the banner. With the added Grey Knights helmet I think this guy looks pretty awesome!.

On this model I replaced his left hand with one holding a severed Demons head. I also added a Grey Knight sword. During painting I added some Blood For The Blood God technical paint to the sword, head and also some drops on to the base/marines shoes to simulate the blood from the vanquished demon.

And here are the 3 remaining members of the squad. I'm very happy with how this squad has come out: I painted them in under a week (which is good going for me!). I don't know whether the unit will be included in any of my army lists however its an interesting unit and another section of my unpainted army finished off. On to my 3rd Tactical Squad!