22 May 2017

Imperial Bastion

In preparation for 'Nerd Day 2017' (see previous post), I first tackled an update to an Imperial Bastion. This piece of terrain was part of Great Scenery Rescue of 2016 and whilst it was already built and painted by the time it came into my possession, I wanted to test out some weathering techniques.

The model was repainted in Death World Forest with the details being picked out with standar base colours- Leadbelcher, Mephiston Red, Celestra Grey and Zandri Dust. I then applied the decals and sponged on a mix of Chaos Black and Rhinox Hide to simulate wear and tear. After this I sealed the model with gloss varnish. Next up I applied a wash of mixed black/burnt umber oil paint and allowed it to dry for about an hour. At that point, I used white spirit to diffuse the wash. The penultimate step involved the application of a watered down mix of Steel Legion Drab and various weathering powders. This can mainly be observed on the roof deck. Finally I airbrushed black on all the shell marks and applied a coat of satin varnish.

Next up will be some barrels! Fun times.

15 May 2017

This is new...

Warhammer Bath celebrated its 23rd birthday and were giving away freebies alongside purchases. Obviously it would have been rude not to support my local store! 

Whats odd is that I chose a Daemons 'start collecting' box as my purchase. I've always been a supporter of the 'good guys'- being a Space Marine player so this represents my first experimentation with the gods of Chaos.

Not only is this kit compatible with AoS and 40K, but the models are awesome. I'm very much looking forward to experimenting with new colours, schemes and techniques. 

All hail papa Nurgle

8 May 2017

Nerd Day 2017

So, in September 2017 my other half is out of town for the weekend and I have arranged to have 3 friends over for a weekend of war gaming. On the agenda is:

  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  • Warhammer 40k (8th ed!!!)
  • Shadow War: Armageddon
  • Blood Bowl
  • X-Wing
Needless to say, this is quite an ask for the time available. My aim is to run quick battles of Age of Sigmar and 40K and focus on SWA, Blood Bowl and X-Wing.

I am extremely excited about hosting such a day and in preparation I will spending the next few months preparing a suitably awesome gaming area (40k battle mat already on order!) and completing as many miniatures as possible.

What this means for readers of this blog is that posts will come thick and fast over the coming months! Lets do this!

1 May 2017

Stormcast Eternals: Work In Progress

A quick post covering a work in progress update on the 5 Stormcast Eternals I'm working on. At this point, these models have all been base coated, gloss varnished, shaded with GW gloss washes and then matted down slightly with a satin varnish. Oh, and the decals have been applied!

I'm continuing to follow the gloss varnish/gloss washes approach to shading models. I first tried this on my human Blood Bowl team and went a little over the top with the shade! On these models, I applied less shade and the result is better. so happy days!

24 April 2017

Orc Blood Bowl Team: Work In Progress

Since my most recent post, I have been working on both an Orc Blood Bowl team and 5 Stormcast Eternals from the Storm of Sigmar set.

Both are progressing nicely, however, moving on to a whole Blood Bowl team soon after completing a Blood Bowl team wasn't a great idea! Batch painting 12 mini's at a time isn't a huge amount of fun... that's why I'm splitting my time between 2 different 'units'.

So far, for this set of models, I have base coated the skin with Waaagh! Flesh (what else?), blocked in the red of their kit with Mephiston Red and base coated the base with Mournfang Brown.

I want to get all the base coats completed as quickly as possible as the thin coat of the Waaagh! Flesh, applied via airbrush, is beginning to chip off. Once the base colours have been applied I will set the decals before applying gloss varnish in preparation for shading the models with gloss shades. After that I'll matte the models down, tidy up the shading and apply the highlights.

My aim is to get this unit complete before September... so loads of time 😀

17 April 2017

Games Workshop Wellington (New Zealand)

Whenever I get to visit a new GW store I like to post about it on this blog. Whilst on honeymoon in New Zealand during September/October 2016 I had a few hours to spare whilst in Wellington... so what else is a hobby nerd to do?!?! Go find the GW store! 

I managed to rock up bang on opening time and the typically awesome manager welcomed me in and we spent a good half an hour chatting about the hobby. Of all the GW managers I have spoken to, I have to say that this chap, Nathan I believe his name is, was up there with the best. A very nice chap indeed! 

As a souvenir I picked up a Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest (still unopened!). I did notice the price difference which I've heard Aussie and NZ gamer's mention... this model cost $40.00, which is £22.30 at current exchange rate. Compare that to the £18 which the models costs on the UK web store. So that's roughly a 20% price increase. 😟

10 April 2017

Stormcast Eternals: Work In Progress

Whilst working away each week I have been working on these 5 Stormcast Eternal models. They are from the Hammer of Sigmar starter set and having such a small set of models is ideal for when I'm travelling. I can easily transport the models and paints in my hand lugage and can achieve the targets I set myself each week. My plan is to move on to the Chaos models which also came in the set once these are completed.

These stunning models have been base coated with the traditional Stormcast Eternal colours: Retributor Gold, Kantor Blue, Screamer Pink, Mephiston Red and Gunmetal Silver (Vallejo) with a coat of gloss varnish on top. I have shaded and highlighted the armour prior to painting the other base colours however due to some poor coverage of the gold paint and some errors which I have to touch up, I will probably reapply some shading and highlighting when I move to perform those steps on the other colours.

I have made a small error with these thus far.. I should have applied the decals prior to applying the gloss varnish so, to rectify this, my next task will be to apply the decals before applying a further light coat of gloss varnish.

2 April 2017

Blast From The Past!

Back during my first stint in the hobby (roughly 1989 - 1997) a large part of my hobby time was spent at my cousin's house. At the time both myself, my cousin (Geoff) and my second cousin (Nik) were all immersed in 40k.

I collected Blood Angels, Nik collected (mainly) Eldar and whilst I have no photo's of my army, or Geoff's, Nik still has his army and recently sent me some photos. These you can see below. Considering Nik was a little younger than Geoff and myself (so must have been around 13 when he painted these) I think his standard of painting was really good! I especially love the 'old skool' Goblin Green bases on these models.

The weekends we spent playing 40k were a highlight of my first stint in the hobby. I vividly remember the huge battlefields which we would set up on the floor of Geoffs bedroom (often much larger than 6ft by 4ft). These were populated by our own home made scenery... converted Pot Noodles pots, broken up polystyrene painted to looks like ruins and as much lichen as we could get our hands on! I also don't think we ever finished a game... good old second edition eh!

6 March 2017

Human Blood Bowl Team

It's been a while since I posted a 'completed' unit.. and I have to admit that it's good to get a unit/model 'done'.

This human Blood Bowl team is from the 3rd Edition box (1994). The models had already been painted when I picked up the boxed set thusly some of the finer details had been lost by the time they arrived in my care... I also found the models quite difficult to paint due to the lack of details on such retro models. It's fair to say that production techniques have advanced significantly over the 20+ years since these models were cast. Whilst I'm reasonably happy with how they come out; I found it a slog to work on 12 models at once. Anyway, it's great to finish a unit; one which was part of the 2017 hobby goals and leads me nicely on to the Orc team from the boxed set.

I've painted the models in the 'traditional' Reikland Reavers colour scheme from the 3rd edition era (Blue/Yellow/Silver). I re-based the models onto 32mm bases to bring them inline with the Blood Bowl Referees I recently picked up from Forge World and to make this unit fit a bit more with any of the newer Blood Bowl stuff. The transfers went on quite well, however, as they are 23 years old, there is a slight yellow discoloration in the film. I painted over as much of this as I could manage... but some of it is still slightly visible.

I also experimented with using static grass, applied over a textured layer for the base...and to add a little more interest to the bases, a light smattering of Blood for the Blood God has been applied.

3 March 2017

Stealth Hobbying!

Quick post covering what I've progressed whilst working away. 

Being away from home sucks for many reasons. In terms of hobby progress through, it has meant that my progress has been stopped in its tracks as I only have a few hours each Sunday to get my 'hobby on'.

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the Start Collecting Sylvaneth box with a view of providing the opportunity for away from home hobby progress. I'm happy to say that its been a success! On my first week away I built 16 Dryads and last week I base coated and shaded the armour on some Stormcast Eternals. 

Whilst I'm at the mercy of varying hotel rooms and specifically the quality of lighting; I think I have enough models to facilitate hobby progress whilst away from home... and that's the goal :)

24 February 2017

Sylvaneth Starter Box

Today I would like to cover a new purchase! ...and one which I've wanted to get started on since the release of Sylvaneth in the middle of 2016.

So, since November I have been working away from home during the week. Whilst spending some rather mundane evenings in various hotels, alongside making good progress with my goal to read at least 12 books in 2017, I'm finding it a challenge to occupy myself in a productive manner. My plan, which links directly to this purchase, is to spend an hour or two per evening building and base coating miniatures. Lets see how it goes!

17 February 2017

Human Blood Bowl Team - Work In Progress

Quick post detailing a WIP on the Human Blood Bowl Team I'm working on. At this point the base colours have been completed. Next up is applying the decals, shading, highlighting and any further detail work.

13 February 2017

Warhammer World 2017 - Part 3: The Emperor and Horus!

I included a photo of this diorama in my previous post. However, considering much I love Mike McVey's work I wanted to put up some more photos contained within a post dedicated to such a wonderful creation.

Back in the early nineties, when I first entered into the hobby, this diorama was the first time I ever saw and I remember being blown away by what it represented. To me, this was the first opportunity to see characters like the Emperor, Horus and Sanguinius in model form rather than pictures in books. Compared to today's standards, the models look a little 'old' but its still an awesome piece and I was thrilled to be able to enjoy it once again.

6 February 2017

Warhammer World 2017 - Part 2: The Old Stuff!

A few photos covering the 'old stuff' from the initial hall in the Warhammer World Exhibition Centre.

4 February 2017

Warhammer World 2017 - Part 1: Visit & Swag!

Whilst on annual leave a couple of weeks back my wife and I dropped in to Warhammer World. This was my 4th visit and my wife's first. I haven't visited since GW re-modeled the entrance and exhibition areas; so was very excited to see how it had changed.

The visit was also a week before my birthday and so my wife was armed with her credit card. At one point I had to refuse her offer to buy me the exclusive Warhammer World Space Marine tank bundle. Yep, she's a keeper! Whilst on the face of it, refusing such an offer would be bonkers, I can't complain about the haul I did leave Warhammer World with (and its nice to leave something for me to pick up next time I visit!):

Since reading the initial Horus Heresy novels last year I have been captivated by Loken and Abaddon. Therefor when I had the chance to pick up whichever HH Character Series I desired, since there is no Sanguinius (yet), it was an easy choice!

The next item on my shopping list, and a book I've wanted to pick up ever since I bought Volume One in the series, was the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume Two. I haven't had the chance to analyse the techniques included in this volume in any detail yet but I'm looking forward to testing out the techniques and following that, during future projects.

Finally, I picked up two of the exclusive Warhammer World miniatures. As I seem to have 'accidentally' started a Stormcast Eternals army (I have the Storm of Sigmar starter set), I figured the Errant-Questor would be a good purchase. Alongside him, I've always wanted a Josef Bugman model... so he ended up in the basket as well!

Overall it was a fantastic day out. I took lots of photos, bought some cool swag and drank some nice ales at the home of GW. This post is the first in a small series of 5. The following 4 posts will cover photos from the Exhibition Centre- which is bloomin' epic!

8 January 2017


Happy New Year dear readers!

It's been a few months since I've been able to turn my attention to any hobbying. Mainly, this is due to a quite significant change in my career: I am now working away from home Monday - Thursday and thus I've had a lot of change to digest recently. Bearing that in mind, and considering the half finished models/units currently eyeballing me from my display cabinet I want to make a few hobby commitments for 2017. These won't be spectacular in any way, however creating achievable targets is important to ensure that I maintain a portion of my recreational time dedicated to the hobby.

So, lets get on with the list!

Blood Bowl Human Team

I took this unit with me for my initial month away from home with the goal of painting this team during my free time in the evenings. Unfortunately the light in my hotel room was terrible and I simply couldn't see the detail on the models!

This unit will be my primary focus for 2017.

Blood Bowl Orc Team

What use is one completed Blood Bowl if you don't have another for it to play against? Currently this team has been airbrushed green... and thats it!

This unit will be my secondary focus for 2017.

Blood Angels Assault Squad

Following my final post in 2016 I did spend time of my Blood Angels units. I followed the painting scheme/process documented in that post for both the Assault Squad, Tactical Squad and 2 Independent Characters. All these units received their undercoat, armour base coat and wash. I will take the Assault Squad forward from this point and move the models forward until completion.

I will focus on this unit once the Blood Bowl teams have been completed.

Reading 12 books

Slightly tenuous this one but it is hobby related so bear with me!

Last year I started reading the Horus Heresy novels and loved them! I managed to read through the first 4 between the summer and end of my Honeymoon in October. A goal I have set myself in 2017 is to read 1 book per month... and to be honest the vast majority, if not all, will be from Black Library! I am currently 100 pages into 'Fulgrim' so will aim to complete that by the end of Jan and then I will turn my attention to the Warhammer Legends Collection which I started picking up before Christmas. These are Hardback and so may not be ideal for inclusion in my suitcase for travelling in the week so I may revert to concentrating on the HH novels over the next few months.

So that's it really. Lets see how it goes!