4 December 2017

Duncan saying "hi" to Sarah

Bit of a random post today...

So recently there was a live stream on the Warhammer Live Twitch stream called 'Painting Hang Out with Peachy and Duncan'. It was awesome! Really good entertainment and a pleasure to watch.

Anyways, I thought I'd try and get a shout out...

27 November 2017

Social Painting Events!

My hobby progress has been slow over the last month and whilst I've made progress on a variety of models; Blood Angel Tactical Marines, Slyvaneth Kurnoth Hunters, Tree Revenants and 2 Branchwraiths... I haven't finished any or managed to take any recent WIP photos.

This post, however, is mainly to cover a couple of social painting evenings I've hosted recently in preparation for Nerd Day 2018. The goal is to help a couple of friends who haven't painted models for many years to paint up a selection of their models which can then be used during nerd weekend 2018.

For individuals on the fringe of the hobby I believe the notion of painting models can be quite intimidating... not only do you need to understand the techniques involved, there is also an associated cost (paints, brushes etc.) which can easily become a barrier of entry. Hosting events where I can remove those barriers has been very rewarding and, as you can see below, seems to be nurturing some potential talent!

First I'll cover the hobby area! I set up two stations for my budding hobbyists, complete with citadel paint system chart for easy reference.

The only requirement I placed on my two protégé was to supply their own models. Neither let the side down! Dan, arrived armed with some goodies from his childhood! An old skool, 1994, Citadel Paint Set... which had usable paint!! very cool indeed!

Dans also brought along a complete Warhammer (4th? edition) boxed set. It's from this set that Dan chose which models to paint.

Alongside Dans Fantasy Battle models, Barry rocked up with an extended Skaven 3rd Edition Blood Bowl team!

These in progress pictures were taken following the second evening. As you can see, good progress has been made by both hobbyists!

Here are the archers Dan has base coated. I've been very impressed by the state of all the models and can't wait to see further progress in the new year.

26 October 2017

Work In Progress Blood Angels Combat Squad

Bit of a change of direction this week! As I ran out of Sylvaneth models, to ensure hobby progress, I turned to a Blood Angels Tactical Squad.

The red armour has been painted since earlier this year so this week I started picking out the details. I'm generally following a Blood Angels Legion paint scheme rather than the Chapter colour scheme - i.e. lots of Gold and Black (to accompany the red). 

I posted my BA colour scheme here, however, since then I've altered the process. I will no longer use oil washes as they're just too fiddly (and smelly!)... especially now I've figured out a great technique using Army Painter/Matte Medium paints. In terms of the other colours used so far; the Gold is Citadel Liberators Gold, whilst the silver is Vallejo Model Colour Gun Metal and the black is Vallejo Model Colour Black.

I'll also be using 30K Blood Angels transfers where I can, alongside the 40k Company/Squad markings. This unit has the Blood Angels chapter symbol moulded on each shoulder pad so the opportunity to use the 30k transfers is limited.

Whilst I do have the full 10 man squad, I'm testing out painting 5 models per 'batch' to see if that makes the process more enjoyable. With this in mind, I'll continue to work on this unit over the next week or two. Life is busy at the moment so weekend painting time is limited.

16 October 2017

Sylvaneth Treelord Ancient

Swiftly following the Brancywych is the final model from the start collecting box I picked up in February. Thanks to the airbrush I was able to get him fully painted up in about 3 days… which was a bit of a surprise!

I’m happy with how he has come out although I am slightly questioning the general colour scheme I’ve chosen for my Sylvaneth force. It's just a little flat. I'm not going to do anything about it at this point... I’ll ponder what I could add and then come back at a later date if the mood takes me.

So, let's go through the stages and paints used.

First of all, I glued the model together using as little superglue as possible so that once he had been primed I could break him back down into sub-assemblies (for the rest of the painting process). As usual, I primed through the airbrush using black Vallejo primer and then grey Vallejo as a zenithal highlight from above.

The main bark ‘armour’ received coats of Dryad Bark, Gorthor Brown, Baneblade Brown, Ushabti Bone and Screaming Skull in ever decreasing amounts. The lighter green on the bark was applied using a mix of Ogryn Camo and Screaming Skull.

Once the main bark had been painted, I broke the model down into various sub-assemblies. I then airbrushed the bark ‘flesh’ and ends of the branches with Caliban Green.

The yellow areas were painted with Averland Sunset and highlighted with Flash Gitz Yellow. The leaves were painted with Moot green and edge highlighted with Flash Gitz Yellow. I usually apply a glaze of Lamenters Yellow glaze to the leaves but I forgot this step. Oops.

The talons on his left hand were painted with Dark Reaper and Thunderhawk Blue. The staff was painted with Dryad Bark and dry brushed with Sylvaneth Bark. His runes were painted with a slightly watered down Baharroth Blue.

After all the base colours and highlights had been applied, I applied a couple of coats of gloss varnish and then, once that had dried, I mixed up a wash of 1 part Army Painter Soft Tone and 1 part Army Painter matte wash medium. This applied the subtle shading I wanted and the matte medium also removed the shiny gloss effect.

Once the model was completed, I turned my attention to the base. As with all big models, this chap had quite a large base! I textured the base with a mix of small stones, sand and some detail pieces from the Sylvaneth kit. I then painted these using the same base colours used on my other Sylvaneth models. I also used the same static grass, spring leaves and daffodils that you can see on my other Sylvaneth. What I did differently on this model, however, was to build a shallow pool area for which I could test pouring some clear resin. I will cover this technique in a future post, but I'm pleased to say that it all worked nicely and looks pretty awesome!

9 October 2017

Games Workshop: Brussels

As is tradition when I go on holiday, I try and visit the nearest GW shop to check it out and also pick up a little something. On the weekend of the 16th September my wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary and had planned a short break in Brussels... mainly to drink awesome beers and eat delicious chocolate!

The store itself is located in the heart of Brussels and is one of the best GW shops I've visited. It was big, lively, well laid out, had some great displays and the staff were great!

I'd like to say that mistakes were made, but these aren't mistakes! Cant wait to get them built and painted!