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17 February 2020

Blood Angels Redemptor Dreadnought

Every good army needs a dreadnought... so here's the one I painted up for my Blood Angels force. This is the only photo I have and was taken prior to applying the ink wash (which is the final step).

10 February 2020

Blood Angels Update

Quick photo dump of some shots from during my time working on the Blood Angels squads. These were mainly from around when I applied decals to all the models. 

3 February 2020

Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest

Next up is a Sanguinary Priest. Loved painting this model! It was the first time I experimented with using inks to glaze over highlights - specifically the rest robe. These were airbrushed  Mephiston Red and then I used orange to highlight and purple to shade... and then Vallejo red ink was airbrushed over the top to pull it all together (the bottom picture shows this step).  For my first attempt, I'm very happy with the outcome.

27 January 2020

Blood Angels Smash Captain

Next post on the hobby catch up is my Blood Angels smash captain. Based on the Blood Angels Death Watch model I changed a few bits and painted him gold! 

This fella was great fun to convert and paint... and has been absolutely incredible on the table top!

20 January 2020

Blood Angels Sanguinor

Next up, the Sanguinor! This model provided a good chance to practice gold metallics. I'm not a huge fan of the model itself (finecast!) but I'm content with how the model came out.

Again, not covering the technique as I cant remember... so just some pictures.