15 January 2018

Sylvaneth Branchwraiths

This week I'm posting about a couple of Branchwraiths I painted just before Christmas.

The list I will be playing uses the 'Forest Folk' battalion so I needed 2 of these Finecast monsters. I made a mistake painting these models up; I chose to skip a couple of the darker shades I use when painting Sylvaneth bark. I figured that the darker shades didn't add value to the final colour. How wrong was I!!

In terms of the other colours used. I followed (aside what the aforementioned deviation) the scheme described here.

The models look ok in isolation however in terms of the light brown bark and green areas, the colours don't match the rest of my Sylvaneth units.

I'm aiming to complete my Sylvaneth list for the end of April. If I have the time I will either repaint these models or sell them on eBay and paint up a couple from fresh.

13 January 2018

Orc Blood Bowl Team

So it seems I completely forgot to post about finishing this unit! I think I got them done back in August 2017... my goal was to get them completed for a gaming weekend so my guests could play a game of 3rd edition Blood Bowl with fully painted teams. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to play any games so they haven't been used in anger...yet!

I provided a WIP update here where I covered the main base colours. To recap the skin was painted with the usual Waagh Flesh > Warboss Green > Skarsnik Green whilst the red is Mephiston Red > Evil Sunz Scarlet > Wild Rider Red.

The black followed Vallejo Model Black > Eshin Grey > Dawnstone, the white is Celestra Grey > Ulthuan Grey > White Scar and the skulls are Zandri Dust > Ushabti Bone > Screaming Skull.

The base followed how I did the Human Blood Bowl Team. I based the models with sand and then painted a diluted Steel Legion Drab over the sand. After this had dried I drybrushed Eldar Flesh over each base. On top of this, I applied static grass and panted the rim of each base Black.

9 January 2018

2018: Hobby Goals & Targets!

2018 should prove to be my most active year in the hobby. I have 2 gaming weekends planned and a weekend trip to Warhammer World planned. I should end up playing games of 40K, Age of Sigmar, Shadesspire, Shadow War: Armageddon, X-Wing and Blood Bowl. With this in mind, I need to paint a lot of stuff and will set some goals accordingly.

My first goal is to play the following:

  • 8 Warhammer 40k battles,
  • 8 Age of Sigmar battles,
  • 10 Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire battles.
To ensure I have enough painted models to match the above goals, I will aim to paint the following models:

Age of Sigmar
  • 5 Sylvaneth Tree Revenants,
  • 16 Sylvaneth Dryads,
  • 1 Treelord,
  • 3 Sylvaneth Wyldwoods,
  • Steelheart Champions Shadespire Warband,
  • Sepulchral Guard Shadespire Warband
  • 5 Stormcast Eternal Liberators
  • 10 Blood Angels Tactical Marines
  • 5 Hellblasters
  • 10 Intercessors
  • 3 Inceptors
  • Build and paint a Realm of Life board
So its a fairly ambitious list! I will be spending a lot more time at home in 2018 so I feel the goals are achievable. I would like to paint more Blood Angels but those listed above will be the minimum... if I have time, I'll do Sons of Sanguinius.

Right... time to crack on! where my paint brush!!

27 December 2017

2017 Hobby Retrospective

My first post in 2017 set out hobby goals for the year (link here). Throughout the 2nd half of 2016 I struggled to dedicated time to hobby so for 2017 I wanted to set some targets! Now, 2017 is almost concluded and 2018 reckons, I wanted to look back and see how I'd fared against my goals.

In term of which models I aimed to complete in 2017; my list consisted of:
  • Human Blood Bowl Team,
  • Orc Blood Bowl Team,
  • Blood Angels Assault Squad.
..and I managed to complete the following:
I also set myself a target of reading 12 books. I fell short and only managed to read 10... but I listened to 6 audiobooks (thanks to Black Library being on Audible!).

So, in conclusion, I'm happy with my achievements for 2017. I managed to paint up many more models than I had planned. This was mainly down to Nerd Day 2017 and the focus it provided. This event required a board and scenery. which occupied my activities during the middle of the year. After Nerd Day I was infused with the motivation to prepare for gaming in 2018 and managed to bash out the Sylvaneth units mentioned above and Sly Marbo!

Next up I will present the completed Kurnoth Hunters and Orc Blood Bowl team (looks like i forgot to post about the completed unit!). At time of writing this article, I am away visiting family so will cover that unit in a post before closing of 2017 with a 2018 goals article.

4 December 2017

Duncan saying "hi" to Sarah

Bit of a random post today...

So recently there was a live stream on the Warhammer Live Twitch stream called 'Painting Hang Out with Peachy and Duncan'. It was awesome! Really good entertainment and a pleasure to watch.

Anyways, I thought I'd try and get a shout out...