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17 March 2019

First games of MESBG

My first trip to Warhammer World on 3rd Jan was to play my first games of MESBG with a chum from up north.

For both of us, these were our first games so we kept it to 400 points. As I'd been working on the Fellowship of the Ring models and completed Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas, they represented my army list. My opponent took 400 points of Minas Tirith.

We played 3 games in total. It was a very enjoyable session and I was surprised in how quick MESBG was/is to play! Considering the 100+ page rule I feared it might be cumbersome... but it wasn't at all! Can't wait to play more games.


3 March 2019

Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas: Fellowship of the Ring

At the turn of the year, I was busy working my way through the Fellowship of the Ring set. I finished the 3 hunters first - Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli.

I'm quite happy with how they turned out - the difference in scale between the MESBG models and 40k/AoS was fun to deal with! I also deliberately used a large brush (Redgrass Games size 2) in an effort to improve my brush control.

1 March 2019

Blood Angels Army Work in Progress

This post is a bit of a photo dump of many of the WIP photos I've taken, over the last few months, of my Blood Angels army.

This project has been my main hobby focus since September/October 2018 and I have recently just completed all the models shown below.

At some point, I'll post about the finished project and update my BA scheme recipe/process but for now... here the photos!