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30 May 2014

Heavy Support: Hunter!

Not far off 6 months after unwrapping this model on Christmas Day I am finally able to present the completed Hunter anti-air unit. I used this unit as a motivator to help push me to complete my older units (I wouldn't allow myself to build/paint this unit until the half painted troops in my collection were all finished). While I have cheated slightly- leaving a Bike squad and Stern-guard Vet squad still unpainted, the rest are now complete. 

 I really enjoyed painting this model. Again, using the airbrush I was able to paint the armour in super quick time and using a tip I heard listening to a pod-cast in regards to Drybrushing (i.e. use a very large, super soft brush) I was able to complete the vast majority of the model within a couple of hours.

Over the last few units I can really feel an improvement in the quality of my fully painted units and combined with the use of the airbrush I feel like everything is really clicking into gear. Good thing I spent lots of my bonus on new models- wouldn't want to be running out just as its all coming together! ;)