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7 January 2022

2021 Review

Whilst I didn't make any blog posts last year I did manage some progress so here's a quick post to cover my hobby progress in 2021. 

38 models. Not a great achievement really... but there's more to my hobby journey in 2021 than just that headline number. 

First of all, during the first part of the year, I achieved one of my long term hobby goals and FINALLY finished my Nurgle's Rotters Blood Bowl team. I'm very happy with how they came out and will post about them soon. After that team though things went downhill a bit when I agreed to take up a 2nd commission. Essentially I found commission painting provided zero enjoyment so a mere 8 models took me about 5 months! Bad times.

After that I turned my attention to some quick, easy and fun Endless Spells to help me get my groove back... and it worked nicely! After those, I moved on to working on updating my AoS scenery collection. None of that work is detailed in the list but it took 3/4 months of effort and the results are great, again I'll post about this work soon!

The final thing I want to cover is the work I put into my 'new' Blood Angel army. This work started in September and I spent circa 80-100 hours airbrushing 90 odd models as a batch project. These models are now ready for me to home in and work on the squads individually.

Anyways, as I didn't post anything for about 18 months I've plenty of 'content' to post about so hopefully lots to come.

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