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3 January 2022

2020 Review

 Most of my posts in 2020 were lined up before I made much hobby progress and then I didn't post anything on the blog once the pandemic hit. So this post is a bit of a cover all for what I managed to paint up in 2020.

Gloomspit Gitz

My first project of 2020, a Squig slow grow army. I didn't finish the army, and in the end sold them on eBay to raise funds. Overall, I bloody loved painting these models and I think they are some of, if not the best set of models/units I've managed. 

The Dark Times... COVID Lockdown

During the first lockdown, I was out of work for a few months and turned my attention to gaming (whilst looking for work of course!). So, I spent time playing WoW and Albion Online instead of hobbying. However, I did start working on some bases for the 'new' Blood Angel models I've now started working on in 2022. Here's some pics of that early basing activity.

Commission Work

Towards the end of 2020, I was approached by a chap who'd bought some of my Blood Angels on eBay, wanting some of the new Indomitus box models painted up the same as the models he'd bought.

I ended up doing 2 sets of models, the first being 10 Assault Intercessors and a Chaplain. I don't seem to have any photos saved for the models other than this one below! Perhaps an indication of how much I enjoyed the experience :D

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