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21 March 2014

Heavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon and Techmarine

My latest project has been finishing off my Thunderfire Cannon and painting up the accompanying  Techmarine. I picked this model up at Games Day (UK) 2014 during what can only be described as a biblical shopping spree which reduced my credit card to tears. I still don't know how I managed to carry all my new shiny stuff back in the train but I guess the will of a nerd is unbreakable when it comes to hobbying!

I wanted to add this unit to my army ever since I came back in to the hobby but the horror stories surrounding the kit combined with the price point meant I steered clear of picking it up. Upon purchasing and building I can say that the Thunderfire Cannon itself was the worst GW kit I have ever tried to build (so far! I  hear the Storm Raven is pretty bad). It was warped, the pieces were in some cases, literally lining up a centimetre away from where they should have been. After some perseverance though I managed to build the kit and prior to my last Warhammer World trip I painted the weapon to a basic level (basecoat/wash/highlight). During this project I finished the cannon- adding some finer detail, applying some of the new Technical paints from GW and also fully painted the awesome Techmarine.

I am very happy with this model... and would say that he has the best quality paint job I have managed thus far. I originally planned to paint the model in the traditional colours of my chapter however I decided to try something new and went with the traditional colour scheme of the Adeptus Mechanicus. I enjoyed the change in primary colours and using the red took me back to painting my Blood Angel back in the 1990's. The quality of the model is breathtaking; the details are very intricate but I think I have done it justice.

As for the Thunderfire Cannon itself, I applied Typhus Corrosion to the tracks and lower parts of the model and then I added Nihilakh Oxide to the Gold Winged Skull on the front of the weapon. I enjoyed using these technical paints and will continue to experiment as I continue to paint more models.

Next up.... my very own Cypher Conversion. Exciting!